Bourbon Brownies

When you have double chocolate bourbon whiskey, why not use some to make bourbon brownies?

Start by preheating the oven to 350 and grease a baking dish. In a microwaved safe dish heat ½ cup butter, 1 ½ cups sugar until melted. Then add about 4 oz. of chopped bittersweet chocolate. Microwave a bit longer to melt the chocolate. Stir until combined and smooth.

Add 2 eggs and using a hand mixer to blend together. Then add ¾ cup cocoa powder, ¼ cup flour and ½ tsp salt. Fold all ingredients together until well combined. Lastly stir in ¼ cup bourbon until smooth. Add the batter to the greased pan and bake about 30-35 minutes.

We let them cool and cut right into them to enjoy. You could definitely taste the bourbon, but it was the perfect combination. They stuck a bit too much to the pan, so next time may need to use parchment paper for easier removal. But overall they get a 9/10 and I would make them again.

Any other spike brownies I should be trying!? Send the recipes my way!

Live to Eat,

3 thoughts on “Bourbon Brownies

  1. I love double chocolate bourbon whiskey so I was really excited to try this recipe. I followed the directions exactly and they came out really well. I think they could use a bit more vanilla extract though.

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