Casa Casco (Old City, Panama City, Panama)

As I mentioned before, we explored old city one night. Old city gives you French Quarter Vibes. The outside architecture was pretty and awesome to see. Some building have since been updated, but the outside/building face front was preserved. After walking and sightseeing, we stopped at Casa Casco to enjoy the roof top!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: Casa Casco, has a different restaurant to enjoy on each floor. We went straight up to the roof top. (though it does have a night club that next trip I want to check out LOL) We enjoy the most beautiful skyline views as well as the sun the entire time we were there. 😍😍😍😍😍 Pictures do not do it justice. The staff were welcoming, friendly and started to set the vibe as the night progressed. It was a great spot for drinks and even dinner if you wanted to enjoy the roof top and views.

Drinks: We stopped for pre-dinner cocktails as my cousin already has a place in mind for dinner. So we all ordered cocktails to enjoy. I ordered the wild mojito (10/10). I would highly recommend. It was smooth, refreshing with the perfect amount of alcohol kick. It was so good that I ordered another LOL.

Menu: We did order an app to go with our cocktails. The crostini’s with prosciutto , cheese and pesto. They were delicious and the perfect small treat to pair with our cocktails. I thought they were delicious and apparently ate mine so much faster LOL. But hey if it’s good why slow down? Lol I will say the other food (specifically tacos) and the rest of the menu looks good. Click here to explore!

Tips/Recommendations: First, add it to your list to visit! Second, go to the roof top! And third, definitely order the wild mojito. Lastly, I highly recommend going in the evening as the sun is setting for the most perfect views! And as always, try something new every time you go!

Rating: 10/10
Recommend: HIGHLY

Live to Eat,

DISCLAIMER: this would the night/place where dad learned of and became addicted to “boomerang”. YOU ARE WELCOME WORLD! 😆

2 thoughts on “Casa Casco (Old City, Panama City, Panama)

  1. As Maria said the sunset was spectacular. The apps and drinks were good too. I’m not much of night life person but I’m sure it would be fun 🙂


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