Russo’s Market (North Wildwood, NJ)

Hi Friends – still playing catch here LOL. Next few posts are dedicated to a great weekend getaway with Mary Kate and the Schneider Family! First up is Russo’s Market … I may or may not have had something from them every single day… So you decide if I liked it or not LOL.

Ambiance/Atmosphere: This cute corner store market (only about a block from the beach) is the perfect pit stop before you spend your day in the sun! It is a good all-in-one stop, that has a bit of everything! Everyone is super welcoming, friendly and it’s a great family atmosphere! It’s hard to enter or leave without a smile on your face!

Drinks: As I said they have a great variety of everything! Hot and cold coffee plus bottled drinks, big and small! First up, I had hot coffee. A delicious Kona blend, it was the perfect sip for a morning sitting on the beach!

Menu: Again, options unlimited for your food items. With my coffee on the beach, I  obviously needed something sweet to pair and the cheese filled pastry was just the answer! Deliciously balanced, and not too sweet at all.

That afternoon, cheesesteaks and mozzarella sticks were on the menu. My mouth is watering as I am typing LOL. Cheesesteaks had the perfect balance of meet and bread (a Liscio’s roll) and the mozzarella sticks were hot and cheesy!!  Both get a 10/10!! Another day, I enjoyed some of their hoagies (again on a Liscio’s roll) on the beach. It was the perfect afternoon munch sitting in the sun and sand!

10/10 for the hoagie; delicious turkey hoagie with all the good toppings.  One morning I had to order a breakfast sandwich. I decided on a pork roll, egg and cheese on an everything bagel. I also ordered a hash brown on the side, which Mary Kate instructed me to put on my sandwich. Let me tell you – LEVEL up the breakfast sandwich 10/10!!

I was loving everything I ordered, I could not leave empty handed. So of course I bought cheesesteaks, with long hots on the side, to go, a Liscio’s bread loaf, a big dill pickle, a cheese Danish and an apple fritter. Again, no complaints on any item! I can’t wait to go back next year and try more! LOL

Tips/Recommendations: Number 1 tip, have an idea what you want before you go LOL. Thank goodness for Mary Kate, as she helped to guide my selections LOL. You can call ahead to order – which is a definite time saver. Their hot sandwiches can only be ordered after 11am, so plan accordingly. Cheesesteaks and a Danish or pastry are a must order! And as always, try something new every time you go!

Rating: 10/10
Recommend: HIGHLY

Live to Eat,

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