Sushi Xtreme (Wilmington, DE)

Anyone else love sushi, especially the all you can eat kind?!? I do and I am always looking for the best all you can eat (for the best price of course). In my research I found Sushi Xtreme in Wilmington. I didn’t look too hard but I saw they recently open with a high google rating so I added it our list of places to check out. It wasn’t until we start to make our way there to see how far/out of the way it was for us. HOWEVER, I say it was 1000000% worth the trip!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: Sushi Xtreme is located in a strip shopping center. It’s a small quaint restaurant with a very chill vibe and décor. The staff is super friendly and the service is quick!

Drinks: They start off by bring a pitcher of water to the table. They have a variety of canned drinks/sodas as well as beers and wine. To make sure I say ample room for sushi, I opted for just water LOL.

Menu: So you can order off their menu by the item, or all you can eat. We both did AYCE- the reason we drove all this way LOL. They give you a paper menu to order off. You get to choose what and how many items you want. Don’t worry…you can get another paper if you want a second or third and so on round LOL. It included WIDE variety of sushi options including: sashimi (no rice just fish), sushi (just fish/rice, no seaweed, sushi rolls and special rolls. Other options you could order included: side salads, appetizers (steamed or fried), soup, rice, tempura, teriyaki and dessert! Basically I was in a full sushi and Asian food heaven! Each food item noted the quantity so you could make your choices wisely.

We started with 1 order of calamari to taste (10/10), 3 shrimp tempura (9/10) and edamame (10/10). I do not fully remember what sushi we ordered, but it was a BIG plate filled with our favorites: salmon, tuna (white and pink), eel and shrimp. Everything was fresh, and delicious (11/10)!!  I was ready for a second round LOL. So I made sure not to order too much the second time. I ordered chocolate ice cream but once I finished the sushi I told him not to bring my the ice cream because I was too full LOL. All around, a great AYCE sushi experience.

Tips/recommendations: We got there later on a Saturday (right before 9p) so they were not too busy. Try to go during off times as they are smaller and can get busy. Plus it allows you to take your time a bit. To get the best bank for your buck – week day lunch time is the time to go! Although, I didn’t find their prices to be bad for the amount they offer and you can order! Make sure you go with a sushi lover, so you can try a variety of rolls. Since you can do multiple orders, don’t over order your first time around; space it out! And as always, try something new every time you go.

Rating: 10/10
Recommend: HIGHLY

Live to Eat,

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