Ciro’s (Lancaster, PA)

If you enjoy an Italian meal with a home/family vibe, then Ciro’s is the place for you! It is the perfect spot for date night, family meal or a night out with friends. This time around was a girl’s night out with Lia!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: This cute Italian spot can set the mood for date night! But also has big tables and outdoor seating as well! The staff are so welcoming, and make you feel a part of the family. My favorite part is the dessert counter, but more of that later!

Drinks/Cocktails: Ciro’s offers a full bar with beer, wine, liquors and cocktails! Both Lia and I decided to order martinis and boy they were STRONG. But delicious. I think they are better suited sippin’ but not with food. We ordered the limoncello and raspberry martinis (8/10).

Menu: The usual happens when all the menu is so good, and you’re not sure what to order. However, we planned well and looked at the menu ahead of time. We had our options narrowed down so we could make a decision once we were seated. We decided to order the calamari to start (10/10). It is crispy and super light. It is the perfect appetizer! But also a note, you get their homemade bread (infused with rosemary 10/10). So if that is enough of an appetizer for you, then save room for your meal (and dessert)! On this particular evening we were both in the mood for pizza and decided to order two different ones so we can share J. I ordered the Ciro pizza. It came with prosciutto, mozzarella, basil, signature red sauce and a EVOO drizzle (10/10). The prosciutto balanced well with the sauce and cheese!  Lia ordered the pizza verde. White pizza with spinach, ricotta, mozzarella, roasted garlic and a EVOO drizzle (10/10). The creaminess of the ricotta, pair surprisingly well with the garlic and cheeses.

We have both had more of their menu in the past so you cannot go wrong ordering any of the items. Their pasta is awesome! Delicious, comforting and flavorful. However, post covid life has made some changes to the menu. Steak used to be a protein option but is no longer and there was an amazing linguini with clams dish that was my favorite. So if we had any changes – we want those menu items to come back!

But as I said before they have a dessert bar! Fresh, homemade gelato (that you can taste if you cannot decide what flavor) as well as other desserts like tiramisu and cakes. We both ordered gelato. The coffee mocha is our go to favorite! But I also was intrigued by their very green mint chocolate chip. I tasted it and had to order it. But of course a half and half dish with the coffee mocha as well! 10/10 for both flavors. Click here to see more of their menu!

Tips/Recommendations: If you love calamari, then it is a must order. Go with a group to order a variety and taste it all! Pizza and pasta are a must try. If you do not get them both your first time here then you need to come back again. Always save room for dessert. Because the gelato is so good. But if you are full, all their desserts, gelato included, can be taken to go!!! And as always, try something new every time you go!

Rating: 8/10
Recommend: YES

Live to Eat,

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