POV Rooftop (Washington, DC)

It was a beautiful night in DC so we thought we would check out a roof top bar next! We found found POV that is on top of The W Hotel, so we thought we would check it out!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: Once you enter The W Hotel, make your way to the elevator and select R for roof top. The view are pretty awesome once you get to the top. It is a covered roof top so it still would have worked out if the weather wasn’t as beautiful. They have table seating but also bar tops and a standing area. The music that night created a great vibe. There were a decent amount of people there as well, which create the perfect people watching night LOL.

Drinks/Cocktails: They had a variety of cocktails, wine, champagne and beer. Again, in the spirit of National Tequila Day, so continued to order margaritas. Overall the cocktails gets a 7.5-8-/10. You really need to be careful which bartender you order from, because there were a couple that did not make very good cocktails and other made it very strong. Again DC prices don’t help, but it was a great place for drinks, socializing and people watching!

Tips/Recommendations: If you are just going for drinks, you can walk right in. If you are looking to have some food, I would recommend calling ahead or making a reservation to order/have a table. Summer nights have the perfect views. I imagine that the day has great views as well. We would like to come back for a meal, because what we saw come out (and smelled) looked so good, we just need to check it out! As always, try something new every time you go!

Rating 9/10
Recommend: YES

Live to Eat,

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