Sushi Nami (Paoli, Pa)

Sushi Nami was a recommended place to try, specifically for their Monday-Friday lunch special menu! So we gave it a go, and the recommendations stand true! We went to the Paoli location, but they also have a Wayne location as well.

Ambiance/Atmosphere: Their Paoli location recently opened a new space. It was a small space with an Asian decor vibe. The staff were super welcoming and friendly. They also have outdoor seating for the beautiful spring and summer days coming up!

Cocktails/Drinks: They do not have alcohol on the menu. But they are BYOB!

Menu: Their menu is HUGE. If we did not go during their lunch specials, I would have had even a harder time deciding. But since we were they for lunch specials (M-F 11:30am-3pm) I decided to keep to just that menu but it was still a hard decision.😆 We started with ordering an appetizer (again lots of options) and decided on crispy chicken (10/10) and recommend! It was crispy, but still juicy and it was served with a delicious sweet chili sauce. We both ordered the sushi lunch special (3 rolls for $13) and it comes with either a soup or salad.

I ordered shrimp tempura roll, tuna and salmon roll 10/10 for all! The fish to rice ratio in each roll was perfect. The service was super quick and the food was so delicious. As I said before, they have a big menu. I have already started to make mental notes of what I want to taste the next time I go. Their udon noodle stir fry (on lunch or regular menu) and their pork belly ramen are in the top of my list. You can check out their online ordering menu yourself!

Tips/Recommendations: If you like sushi, the lunch special deal is a steal! But they have a wide variety of options. But all their lunch specials are a great deal! (Their lunch specials are for take out as well!) Order ahead for take out by calling or ordering online. Take advantage of the outdoor seating on a nice day! And as always, try something new every time you go.

Rating: 10/10
Recommend: YES

Live to Eat,

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