The Sandwich Factory (Lancaster, PA)

Another great sports bar you want to check out – The Sandwich Factory. This used to be the spot for breakfast sandwiches on my way to high school (back in the day LOL). But a lot has changed in those 10-some years. They have expanded added a sports bar and now a roof top! You want to check them out!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: This is a family owned and operated restaurant and as always the staff are so friendly! One side you have the take-out (food and beer) with some seating. Then the other side is the sports bar side including a bar, seating, lots of TVs and pool table. It’s a great place to watch any of the big games, March Madness, Sunday Football and more! I have not been on the roof top yet – but I am excited to check it out. Stay tune for futures updates!

Cocktails/Drinks: Another place with a great beer selection, both draft and bottle beers! They also have great selection of cocktails including daiquiris, margaritas (on the rocks and frozen), and slushees!!! Boozy adult slushees are perfect for the warmer weather days coming! Basically a drink for everyone!

Menu: Where to start on their menu…the wings. One of our favorite places to get wings. We like to order them naked (for extra crunch) with Momma’s hot sauce on the side. It is their homemade hot sauce and it is next level awesome! Don’t forget to order boardwalk fries as well!

Now you are probably wondering, they are called “sandwich factory” how are the sandwiches? They are delicious! The cheesesteaks are one of my favorites but really any of their sandwiches are yummy!

Another great delicious menu item to order is their pizza! They make their pizza in a firewood oven and the crust is crispy and the slices are cheesy! Check out more of their menu here!

Tips/Recommendations: If you like sports, then definitely go to watch a game. If you are like me, and follow football season, this is the perfect spot to watch multiple games with great drinks and food!. Try the wings with momma’s hot sauce, because you won’t be disappointed. And don’t forget to order the boardwalk fries!

Rating: 10/10
Recommend: YES

Live to Eat,

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