The Sandwich Factory (Lancaster, PA)

Another great sports bar you want to check out – The Sandwich Factory. This used to be the spot for breakfast sandwiches on my way to high school (back in the day LOL). But a lot has changed in those 10-some years. They have expanded added a sports bar and now a roof top! YouContinue reading “The Sandwich Factory (Lancaster, PA)”

Sonic (Mesquite Butter Bacon Burger)

A new food review is here! Since 10 Sonics closed in PA (all the locations closest to us😐) I need to stop at Sonic whenever in Maryland. I need my fill of cranberry limeades as well as trying their newest menu feature item. This time was the Mesquite Butter Bacon Burger.🍔 I am a suckerContinue reading “Sonic (Mesquite Butter Bacon Burger)”

CAVA (Silver Spring, MD)

The third food stop on the weekend trip was CAVA. I like to describe CAVA as the Mediterranean version of Chipotle. Menu: You enter CAVA and go up and order, select your ingredients and toppings just like Chipotle. Your options include a salad, grain bowl, grain+green bowl, pita, mini pita or Rightrice bowl. The have preselectContinue reading “CAVA (Silver Spring, MD)”

Einstein Bros. Bagels (Silver Spring, MD)

A weekend trip in Maryland means it is a trip that includes foods! First up was Einstein Bros. Bagels for breakfast! They have a variety of locations for you to check out. Menu: They have a great variety of bagels including traditional flavors and gourmet flavors. As well as sandwiches and lunch on the menu!Continue reading “Einstein Bros. Bagels (Silver Spring, MD)”

Stuffed Baby Bella Mushrooms

As promised – my stuffed mushrooms🍄 recipe! I do not use frozen crab cakes as my cheat for this recipe. I do make my own filling for stuffed baby bellas! Mushroom Crab Filling🦀 I combine all the ingredients below to make the filling. This recipe usually makes about 2-3 8oz. packages of baby bella mushrooms,Continue reading “Stuffed Baby Bella Mushrooms”