Union Oyster House (Boston, MA)

We had dinner at the Union Oyster House, one of the oldest restaurants in US. They have history throughout and it is fun to read up on the history of Boston as well as this long standing restaurant! Ambiance/Atmosphere: As mentioned, there is history displayed throughout the entire place. Our table was on the 3rdContinue reading “Union Oyster House (Boston, MA)”

Salty Pig (Boston, MA)

I may have done some research (some may say extensive research LOL). After searching places, and narrowing down options, Salty Pig was selected as it was close to the Airbnb we rented. Ambiance/Atmosphere: This small spot is located in Back Bay, right by the transit station. They have an open kitchen, with counter/bar seating. ThereContinue reading “Salty Pig (Boston, MA)”

Boston Chowda Co. (Quincy Market)

Quincy Market is your perfect one stop market! There are so many food stops as well as small shops, essentially almost anything you can think of is there! There are alot of seafood spots, sit down restaurants, sweets and fast food places to pick from. I am happy we stopped at The Black Rose first,Continue reading “Boston Chowda Co. (Quincy Market)”

Nacion Sushi (Costa del Este)

Hey friends, making progress here! We are nearing the end of my Panama reviews! Our last day we had lunch at Nacion Sushi, a spot within walking distance from my cousin’s place! Ambiance/Atmosphere: This place had a great vibe. A bit of a travel like theme with signs and decor but very modern and colorful.Continue reading “Nacion Sushi (Costa del Este)”

La Rana Dorada (Costa del Este)

On our way home for Royal Decameron, we stopped at La Rana Dorada for some brews! Ambiance/Atmosphere: Another spot right around the corner from my cousin’s place! They have great outdoor patio and indoor seating. The staff were very welcoming and even gave us a sampler to taste all the beers! Drinks: They have aContinue reading “La Rana Dorada (Costa del Este)”

Royal Decameron Panama Restort (Panama)

Our last mini getaway tour was to the the Pacific Ocean side of Panama. We went to the Royal Decameron Panama Resort. This is an all-inclusive resort and I was excited for this portion of the trip! I had only been to one all inclusive resort before, Hard Rock Riviera Maya. I had the bestContinue reading “Royal Decameron Panama Restort (Panama)”