African Beef Stew

This post is a recipe Andy found and made himself … well with some help from me LOL. And don’t worry there were no cuts this time! #IYKYK.

Andy grew up with his brother making this. He has tried making it himself in the past but has not perfected it yet. This time around was the best it has turned out for him (probably because I helped HAHAH). Click here for the recipe we followed with some minor changes.

We started by boiling the beef cubes in water with some chopped onions, salt and pepper. I think next time I will season the beef and add some bay leaves to the water for more flavor! Once it came to a boil, we kept a steady boil for about 20 minutes. In a blender we combined onions, green onions and garlic to give it a good chop. We then added a 28 oz. can of crushed tomatoes and a 8 oz. can of tomato sauce. We seasoned with oregano, thyme, basil, parsley and pepper. We added some cayenne and a beef bouillon cube as well.

Once the beef was finished boiling we browned it a sauce pan then removed it. We added the tomato puree to the pan and brought it to a boil. Reduced the heat and lit it continue to simmer another 20-30 minutes before adding the beef back in. Once the beef was in you simmered the stew for another 10 minutes. ps – Andy needs to get better at taking pictures Lol

Andy severed his stew over rice. He felt like he was missing something, so added some more salt, pepper and adobo seasoning to the rest of the stew in the pan. I think next time he needs to taste and season as he cooks! However, he did say while we were cooking, “can you watch how this is done so you can make it for me again?” And “man cooking is hard and time consuming. I don’t like it.” LOL

So I guess we will see if this is made again and by who. Any tips or seasonings we (I) should try next time with this recipe? Comment below!

Live to Eat,

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