Birthday Dinner

For Andy’s actual birthday last week, I decided to make a dinner. I thought to myself “I have steak and lobster tails in the freezer. I will do a surf🦞 and turf🥩 meal!” Andy was all for it and we were both excited! That was until I pulled the meat out of the freezer and realized it was imitation lobster tails. Who even knew that was a thing?!😂 I sure did not and did not know how to make it. So I ended up taking some shrimp🍤 out of the freezer too so this meal didn’t completely end up as a fail. LOL

I had no idea how to make the imitation lobster tail. But I figured I cannot go wrong with butter!🧈 I cooked both the shrimp and lobster in a lemon butter with some old bay seasoning .

I prepped my steak with some salt and steak seasoning. I cooked them in the cast iron pan with some butter and oil. Andy I and I like our steaks differently. Him more on the medium-well side and me on the medium-rare side! I don’t remember what kind of steak I bought but they were thinner so didn’t take long at all to make!

I served our surf and turf with the crispy fried gnocchi and Italian seasoned zucchini! Overall it was a great meal, specially when both our plates end up being completely clean! When it comes to imitation lobster tails…we definitely could have done without them.😆 I will not be buying it or eating it again. aka we DO NOT RECOMMEND imitation lobster. LOL Maybe next birthday dinner should just be going out to eat for a surf and turf.

Do you have a favorite birthday dinner? Filipino tradition is to have noodles on your birthday for long life. So usually I eat noodles/pasta of some form on my birthday. I loveee pasta.😍 I’d love to hear your favorite birthday dinner!

Live to Eat,

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