Mad Chef (East Petersburg, PA)

If you haven’t been to Mad Chef yet, you better start planning your next trip to go. As always, you will not be disappointed – it’s another must go to place for good beer and food!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: Pre-covid, Mad Chef was your traditional pub style restaurant. Come in and find your seat. We used to have to be pretty aggressive when finding a table on a busy night. But now they do have a hosts that helps to seat you. They did stay traditional and you go up to the bar to order your drinks and food! In the past year, they have expanded. They have an awesome new patio with seating, fire place, heaters and an over hang roof. It is perfect for outdoor dinning, in any weather! Inside still gives that perfect pub vibe! They are expanding the inside seating again – and we cannot wait!

Cocktails/Drinks: As a craft brewery, they have a GREAT beer selection. Some beers are seasonal and some, like the Johnnie Doe, are the year round favorites! You can check out their current selection here. In our most recent visit, we tried a few different brews! Peachin’ Out: A delicious sour. The peach flavor was very subtle and not overpowering at all. Juice Caboose: Another tart/sour beer. It bit stronger as it’s an IPA. Tart Hop: another sour, dry hopped, tart ale. This one however, is so much better as a nitro brew. You can see the difference in the bubbles. The nitro is more of smooth foam versus the bubbles-like froth. It has the same taste but so much smoother – It was a whole debate at our table😂 but it was a tied preference of regular or nitro.

Menu: I don’t even know where to start with their menu. BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS SO GOOD!😂 I will say Mad Chef by far has the BEST fries🍟 and the dipping sauces to go with them! Honestly if I told you what was good and what to order from here, I would have to go through the whole menu, item by item. Because everything is that good! Some of my favorites include: cheesesteak empanadas, grilled caesar salad, any of the hot dogs, any of their tacos, chicken sandwich (any recipe) and pre coivd- the chicken and waffles were BOMB. Check out more of their menu here.

Tips/Recommendations: #1 Tips- try something new everything you go and order off the specials. Mad Chef is great at offering specials each week – and they do not disappoint! If you cannot decide on the beer you want, then order a flight and taste 4 different ones. Always get the french fries when you go! Even if you are just going for a drink, the fries are a must order item! Go on Mondays for Trivia. Follow them on social! Keep an eye out for their live music. Because there are awesome acts and great musicians that perform!

Rating: 10/10
Recommend: HIGHLY

Live to Eat,

One thought on “Mad Chef (East Petersburg, PA)

  1. Well this is a that’s one. Definitely the French fries are a must. I’m open to just about anything they have. Had bangers and mash and it was delicious. I love porters and usually do not go wrong with theirs. However the juicy caboose was a nice change. If you haven’t been there your missing out.

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